Copper commodity

Copper commodity

About Copper Copper commodity Copper is a soft ductile metal that is reddish-orange in colour. It is widely used as a conductor of electricity, however it has many uses and is essential to all living organisms. Copper futures are popular for trading, often via CFD or spread betting in the UK and Europe.

Most sheet metal shops are not willing to take the time to talk with you about the details of your project to brain-storm ideas and work out those details with you. They expect you to just present them with a scaled diagram with all the measurements and details worked out already. Although, this is my strong suit. I can be rather chatty at times.

Wellcome to this web site for custom ‘rust-free’ sheet metal design and fabrication. Here at CBD we primarily makes rain management products, but have been contracted to make a variety of other unique custom copper clad projects you may have need for. I am quite clever to help come up with unique innovative solutions to suit your needs. Unlike most shops I am easily reachable and open to chat about even small projects with our Clients, and quite friendly. I do not filter my calls through voice-mail like a lot of businesses. No automated menues to surf through. David Rich, cheif designer, salesman, and fabricator with over 30 years of hands-on experience.

The term ‘rust free’ should be a very important detail in your mind, even if your needs are for an interior use. You should find the word ‘IRON’ and ‘RUST’ to be thought of as a 4 letter words in your vocabulary, as do I. I will openly refuse to work with steel, other than my hand tools of course. The use of steel has been a huge problem in the roofing work industry.

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