Define divergence

Define divergence

Verb not taking a direct object–for example, “She jokes. The boy dove from the top of the define divergence into the sea. Dave had the opportunity to dive on his last holiday.

The acrobats dove into the nets. Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. The dive caused the water in the pool to splash. Why did you ask me to meet you in this bar? The pilot managed to regain control of the plane and stop its dive.

The holiday company is organizing a dive for tomorrow. The goalkeeper’s dive for the ball came too late and he missed. Share prices have taken a dive since the beginning of the global financial crisis. Share prices in the company are diving after the CEO’s sudden resignation.

The plane’s engines failed and it began to dive. The spy dived into a doorway. Martha dived into her new book and read all night. Report an error or suggest an improvement. The opera’s newest diva is difficult to work with. La nueva diva de la ópera es una persona difícil. The conductor has threatened to quit because the diva has such a bad attitude.

El director amenazó con renunciar porque la diva tiene muy mala actitud. Mariah is a diva who wants attention all the time. Mariah es una diva que quiere atención todo el tiempo. The water was very cold here, and it took a few seconds to prepare myself mentally before I could dive in. El agua estaba muy fría aquí, y me costó unos cuantos segundos mentalizarme antes de zambullirme en ella. El agua estaba muy fría aquí, y me llevó unos pocos segundos prepararme mentalmente antes de sumergirme en ella. After they fought, they made up.

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