Ethical behavior in business

Ethical behavior in business

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There is an evident difference between a leader and a boss, and the way they make those below them feel. Do they abuse their power to intimidate workers, or do they lead by example? The latter is key to managing a healthy, happy team. Ethical leadership should be implemented by every person in a management position. This style of leading fosters an environment of trust and respect with workers and executives.

If you want your company to reap the same benefits, follow these tips to becoming an ethical leader. But as you grow, and as society progresses, conventions change, often causing values to shift. Kelly added that to find success in ethical leadership, you should demonstrate how adhering to specific values benefits the mission of the organization. Culture is not a collection of personal preferences,” he said. When that ceases to be true, an organization has begun its journey toward the mediocre middle. Ask yourself what matters to you as an individual and then align that with your priorities as a leader. Defining your morals not only expresses your authenticity, it encourages your team to do the same, creating a shared vision for all workers.

Hire those with similar ethics While your ethics don’t need to be the same as your workers’, you should be able to establish common ground with them. This often starts with the hiring process and is maintained through a vision statement. I do not believe that every person is a fit for every company, and that is okay,” said Green. Companies need to do a better job ensuring they find people who are aligned with their values rather than just hiring for experience. People of every race and sexual orientation have different values, so I believe that you can still create a very diverse, respectful work culture and team that is aligned around certain ideals. In fact, Kelly believes it’s valuable to hire employees who have different experiences and perspectives, because they each offer their own solutions to challenges.

But when it comes to values, I think having and hiring people who share your values is critical,” Kelly added. Without mutual respect, it is very difficult to form a dynamic team, and most people find it very difficult to respect someone who doesn’t share their values. Promote open communication Every employee is different, even if they share similarities. With each decision you make, be transparent and encourage feedback from your team. This helps you become a better leader and helps your workers feel more confident sharing their ideas or concerns. I believe that one of the important responsibilities for the modern company is to create an environment where open communication is encouraged and that, more importantly, people are listened to,” said Green. We are seeing a lot of employees calling on their companies to change policies, drop customers or take a stand on current issues.

Beware of bias As humans, many of us were instilled with subconscious beliefs that might be outdated or offensive today. No leader wants to admit to their flaws, but not practicing self-awareness can lead to detrimental consequences. Everyone has bias, but for the longest time, you were not called out on them because they were never really challenged,” said Green. If you are an open-minded leader, you will build and maintain better relationships with your workers.

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