Hard brexit

Hard brexit

If you aren’t already please consider becoming a member of Compass and supporting our work long-term. We take no responsibility for the content of the comments posted on this website, which represent the views of their authors alone. We have proportional representation embedded in our existing first past hard brexit post electoral system.

I thought what’s the way out of this Brexit mess? An alliance of the centre and left preferably with Caroline Lucas for PM. Except when a tactical vote has been required. I’m in for a progressive centre left alliance , PR , and power sharing . I would like further details about your organisation and its aims. I am currently a long-standing member of the Labour Party. I want to help stop the madness!

If you could have a look, please let me know what you think, and whether this might be useful going forward. One idea is to make the site into a sort of wiki, where any interested members can edit content, but the main idea is for it to have a bottom-up organic growth, fuelled by those who share the stated goals. But this is a distraction from the post EU referendum vote. Our first priority is to work to get the EU decision overturned, which is possible up until the British Government invokes article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Let’s fight to get the EU decision rejected by parliament. We have perhaps 5 or 6 months to do so before article 50 is invoked. We must focus on this and try hard to stop it. Just watched the video from 5th July and would really like to see an event like this in Sheffield.

The old 2 party politics is dead. A rainbow coalition, a post Brexit alliance, however it’s shaped, is desperately needed. Some glimmer of hope is needed to sustain us all. So how can we help and support Caroline Lucas et al in making this happen?

We have an active group, brought together to fight for Remain and now working to make as good an outcome as we can. Join the debate on Twitter and Facebook and stay up to date with our RSS feed. Could Corbyn’s Labour be the future? The Progressive Alliance council – what lies ahead? How do we make a Good London? Coming off the fence on UBI? Brexit’: Britain’s Decision to Leave the E.

News and opinion about Britain’s exit from the European Union. 6 Months Before Brexit, Many in U. Is Merkel to Blame for Brexit? Her mixed messages on labor mobility and refugees drove Britain away. Will Not Work,’ a Top E. Brexit Gave Labour Party an Opening.

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