Latency meaning

Latency meaning

Please forward this error screen latency meaning sharedip-16662667. Added custom languages and language switching. Added auto updater functionality to the game.

Thank you to all the testers in the dev_preview that helped. Now this still is a preview update, so there may be issues. Please be patient until we work out all the kinks. The FPS Limiter has received a major needed update! Now it can be enabled, disabled, and customized to your heart’s content. Just be warned if disabled a 3rd party fps limiter is a must! Map Downloading is our new feature, please test it out.

This update is just a preview for the upcoming update. Right now feel free to test custom map download for us and report any bugs you may find. NOTE do not use debug mode setting when using map downloading or you will experience MASSIVE FPS drops. Anyways I hope you all are as hyped as we are! Hey guys, we are able to get auto team switch and weapon assignments working in Halo 2. Zombies are green team and their player models are Elites.

When a human becomes infected, they are autoswitched to green team and are forced to use the energy sword. In the future we’ll have automatic Alpha Zombie determination and more weapon choices. That means you’ll need to register on a website and then login via the launcher. I’m putting this announcement out so that people are aware of it and ready for it when it comes. Thanks Rude Yoshi for all the work you’ve contributed so far.

From what I’ve been told by Rude Yoshi it will function only during the Lobby currently and requires you to enter the appropriate player index but this will be included in v0. Latency still won’t be displayed yet and there won’t be any latency restrictions in this build sorry guys. Don’t expect this in the up coming release but we’ve made some major progress on it, Thanks Killer Chief for putting the time into testing out and writing the code behind the proof of concept. The aim is to have this in the v0. I can assure you we’re actively targeting anyone who’s cheating in games where it’s not permitted and monitoring the activity of these people.

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