Penny stocks

Penny stocks

Penny Shares A layman’s guide to the world of penny shares. If you’re new to the world penny stocks penny shares you’ll find this is a great place to learn about penny shares.

We won’t tell you which stocks to trade or trick you into buying an expensive tips book. We simply teach you the basics of penny share trading, and best of all it’s FREE! Along the way you will learn what penny shares are, the risks involved in trading penny stocks and tips on how to spot good investment opportunities. We also have a list UK penny stocks, a comprehensive glossary of share dealing terms and links to other penny share related websites. We will be launching a forum where you can discuss all aspects of penny share trading very soon. We hope you find this web site informative and we wish you the best of luck with your investments! WARNING: The information contained above has been compiled from documented sources which are believed to be reliable but, due to their very nature, are subject to a degree of historical inaccuracy and have not been independently verified and cannot be guaranteed.

The pages on this website are provided for information only. No parts of this web site may be copied without permission. Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718025239. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen Als Pennystock bezeichnet man Aktien, deren Wert in der lokalen Währung unter Eins liegt. Im Euro-Raum sind dies also Aktien, die einen Wert unter 1 EUR besitzen. Aufgrund des oftmals sehr geringen Handelsvolumens an den Börsen sind diese Aktien nicht selten das Objekt von Spekulanten und weisen eine hohe Volatilität auf.

Im Zuge des Platzens der Spekulationsblase am Neuen Markt in den Jahren 2000 und 2001 stieg die Zahl der Pennystocks stark an. So notierten im Juli 2001 etwa 40 der 343 am Neuen Markt gehandelten Aktien knapp über oder unter einem Euro. Ein Emissionsprospekt muss nicht veröffentlicht werden, die Veröffentlichung von Geschäftsberichten und Bilanzen ist ebenfalls nicht zwingend vorgeschrieben. Aufgrund ihres sehr geringen Handelsvolumens, der jeweils geringen Anzahl an gehandelten Aktien und der mangelnden Transparenz werden Pennystocks seit 2006 zunehmend für Aktienspam missbraucht.

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We have been providing a list of penny stocks, small cap investment information and stock tools for over 15 years. Our free quoting tools allow the trader to create and track companies through a customized watch list. We provide an enormous amount of information for traders to perform company research, stock quotes, news and charts. The must have penny stock trading tool!

Streaming real-time penny stocks, TOP 100, news, charts, quotes and company research. The most powerful penny stock tool ever created! New to trading to trading penny stocks? If you’re looking for a little more excitement in trading then the answer may be yes. The old saying of high reward comes with high risk is definitely key in trading. There are numerous draws to trading stocks that are priced in the pennies. The obvious attraction is the low price with a very high reward potential.

Purchasing 100,000 shares of stock at . If you so happen to find that stock that rises from . A security is often considered a penny stock when its not listed on one of the major exchanges. 5 regardless of what exchange it’s on. They can also be referred to as a Micro Cap, OTC, OTO, Pink Sheet or Nano Cap Stock. They can be very high risk to include limited liquidity, fraud and lack of financial reporting.

Educating yourself in all areas is a must. The TOP 100 Most Active Penny Stocks for the OTCBB and Pink Sheet stock exchanges. Displaying quotes, charts, news and company profiles. Find the hottest trending penny stocks. There is no rush to start trading before you fully understand what you want to do, and how to do it. This book can help you prepare, so that you avoid costly mistakes and make some big gains. A few hours of reading could make a big difference.

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