Psychology basics

Psychology basics

You psychology basics’t find them, you choose them. And when you do, you’re on the path to fulfillment.

Are We Labeling Normal Development as Pathology? Is the Robot Psychologist the Next Big AI App? Enter the terms you wish to search for. Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. Getting Beyond NegativityA CALM MO approach to psychological mindfulness. How-To: Mindfulness-Based Interoceptive Exposure For PainA 5-step evidence-based approach lowers pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. Be present and work on making memories.

What to Do When You Feel Let Down by Someone By Toni Bernhard J. It’s not what happens to us that makes us unhappy. It’s how we react to it—and how we feel is the core of that reaction. Don’t Offend, Don’t Get Offended, and Don’t Seek Revenge By Barton Goldsmith Ph. If you are a vengeful person, let me assure you that revenge is an emotionally and financially expensive activity.

Cancer Series Part II: Healing vs. Curing After Cancer Care By Wayne Jonas M. Cancer survivor Jenny Leyh explains how we combat the emotional effects that arise after cancer care. The Self-Aggrandizing Myth of Universal Unconditional Love By Jeremy E Sherman Ph. The alternative to greed, selfishness, and egomania? It’s not all-embracing love, despite what many claim. When Bad Things Happen By Barton Goldsmith Ph.

Anyone who has spent time in darkness will enjoy the glow of a little joy, perhaps even more than if they had never experienced the bad. How to Have a Wider Lens By Kenneth Silvestri Ed. What is it that you’re not getting in life? What It Means to Create Boundaries in Relationships By John Amodeo Ph. Creating boundaries in our relationships is an essential path toward finding happiness in our lives. This article offers ways to create the flexible boundaries we need.

The News About Mindless Eating Will Surprise You By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph. The idea that your eating is controlled by external factors, such as plate size or brand names, is now challenged by retractions of the original published studies. Why You Should Consider Group Therapy By Alexis Conason Psy. Group therapy is an effective and affordable form of treatment—so why do so many people shy away from it?

How the Mindful Brain Copes With Rejection By David S. How can you cope better with rejection? A recent study of the mindful brain reveals insights into effectively managing social pain. Attending to the present moment may prompt compassionate action.

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