Symbol for copper

Symbol for copper

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See Terms of Use for details. 63Cu and 65Cu, along with 27 radioisotopes. The most stable of these is 67Cu with a half-life of 61. The least stable is 54Cu with a half-life of approximately 75 ns. Most have half-lives under a minute.

68Cu, 69Cu, 71Cu, 72Cu, and 76Cu each have one metastable isomer. 70Cu has two isomers, making a total of 7 distinct isomers. The precision of the isotope abundances and atomic mass is limited through variations. The given ranges should be applicable to any normal terrestrial material. Spins with weak assignment arguments are enclosed in parentheses. Uncertainties are given in concise form in parentheses after the corresponding last digits.

Uncertainty values denote one standard deviation, except isotopic composition and standard atomic mass from IUPAC, which use expanded uncertainties. Copper offers a relatively large number of radioisotopes that are potentially suitable for use in nuclear medicine. There is a growing interest in the use of 64Cu, 62Cu, 61Cu, and 60Cu for diagnostic purposes and 67Cu and 64Cu for targeted radiotherapy. For example, 64Cu has a longer half-life and is thus ideal for diagnostic PET imaging of biological molecules. Clarity uses a cutting-edge imaging technique to guide drug development”. Isotopic compositions and standard atomic masses from: J.

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