Terrorist attacks 2017

Terrorist attacks 2017

Our hearts ache every time the peace and terrorist attacks 2017 of our daily lives are shattered by extremist Islamic terrorists. When an atrocity hits London, Paris, or New York, the world listens. We band together, we cry together, and we unite in a promise to try to keep terror from ever again rearing its head in our backyards. But these tragedies happen even more often than we realize.

The horrors we suffer are only a shadow of what life is like in other parts of the world. In countries where Islamic militants live next door, terror is not just an unexpected interruption of peace—it is a threat that looms every day. In 2014, a tribe in Abu Hamam, Syria, tried to rise up against ISIS—and paid for it with the lives of more than 900 people. It started when a man was dragged out into the streets and publicly whipped by ISIS members for smoking a cigarette.

The man’s brother, furious that such a small crime would meet such humiliation, got a gun and shot the next ISIS patrolman he saw. ISIS arrested the shooter and had him publicly beheaded, trying to send a message to the Al-Shaitat that they needed to obey—but they did not listen. Instead, the people rose up against the Islamic state and chased ISIS out. Shortly after, however, ISIS came back with reinforcements. They blasted the town with artillery for three days straight before moving in.

Then they rounded every male older than 15 and killed them all. Some were beheaded, some were shot, and some were crucified. ISIS would line people up on the road and behead them in a line. Then they would taunt the living by swinging the severed heads of their friends before them, and telling them that they would be next. The few who managed to escape have learned to hate. We will never forget to avenge. On December 16, 2014, at 10:00 a.

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