Trade enquiry meaning

Trade enquiry meaning

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Prohibition regarding making, signing of any declaration, statement or documents. Power to enter premises and inspect, search and seize goods, documents, things and conveyances. They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the Official Gazette. Act shall have the meanings respectively assigned to them in the Act. Importer-exporter Code Number is likely to lead to non-fulfilment of any obligation by India under any international agreement. A person may make an application for the grant of a licence to import or export goods in accordance with the provisions of the Policy or an Order made under section 3.

Every application for a licence to import shall be accompanied by the fee specified in the Schedule. The mode of deposit of fee shall be as specified in the Schedule. Any person importing goods from the United States of America in accordance with the terms of the Indo-US Memorandum of Understanding on Technology Transfer shall also comply with all the conditions and assurances specified in the Import Certificate issued in terms of such Memorandum, and such other assurances given by the person importing those goods to the Government of the United States of America through the Government of India. Registered Exporters or any other similar benefits from the Central Government or any agency authorised by the Central Government in relation to exports made by him on the basis of any false, fraudulent or misleading statement or any document which is false or fabricated or tampered with. The licensing authority may of its own motion or on an application by the licensee, amend any licence in such manner as may be necessary or to rectify any error or omission in the licence. The Director General or the licensing authority may by an order in writing suspend the operation of any licence granted under these rules, where proceedings for cancellation of such licence has been initiated under rule 10. Declaration as to Importer-exporter Code Number.

Importer-exporter Code Number allotted to him by the competent authority. No person shall use any imported goods allotted to him by the State Trading Corporation of India or any other agency recognised by the Central Government in a manner and for the purpose, otherwise than as declared by him in his application for such allotment or in any document submitted by him in support of such application. No person shall dispose of any goods imported by him against a licence except in accordance with the terms and conditions of such licence. No person shall make, sign or use or cause to be made, signed or used any declaration, statement or document for the purposes of obtaining a licence or importing any goods knowing or having reason to believe that such declaration, statement or document is false in any material particular. No person shall employ any corrupt or fraudulent practice for the purposes of obtaining any licence or importing or exporting any goods. Act, are suspected to have been kept or concealed and may inspect such goods, materials, books of accounts, documents or things and may take such notes or extracts therefrom as he may think fit. Act,are secreted in any premises he may enter into and search such premises for such goods, materials, books of accounts, documents or things.

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