Trading platforms

Trading platforms

Day Trading Platforms Day Trading Platforms are online stock trading programs that allow day traders direct access to market makers and specialists on the Nasdaq and NYSE. Orders can be routed trading platforms specific ECN’s or automatically through “intelligent” or “smart” order routing systems. Some brokerage firms allow use of their stock trading platforms at no cost, but these platforms tend be very basic, lower end programs. Beginners very quickly realize that more features and flexibility is required for their trading.

Other brokers offer excellent day trading platforms for active traders to use, but charge a monthly fee. With some day trading firms, this fee is waived if your previous monthly trading volume meets a required minimum. All direct access day trading platforms offer extremely fast trade executions measured in milliseconds. Depending on the trading software, order entry can be accomplished different ways.

They also have an order bar to place orders and the ability to use order execution ‘hot keys’. For example, if you made two trades. It’s not my intention here to give a detailed review of each platform on the market. I just want to give you a list of some of the more popular choices of order entry, direct access programs available for your trading, so that you can do your own research to determine which one will meet your needs. These programs, for a monthly fee provide you with unique features, and visual user interfaces. If you like the idea of having your platform and broker all in one, one of these might be best for you. Used Any Of The Software Above?

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