What’s a pip

What’s a pip

In Praise of Pip” is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone. This was the first episode of What’s a pip Twilight Zone to be 25 minutes long since “The Changing of the Guard”.

Submitted for your approval: one Max Phillips. A slightly-the-worse-for-wear maker of book, whose life has been as drab and undistinguished as a bundle of dirty clothes. And though it’s very late in his day, he has an errant wish that the rest of his life might be sent out to a laundry, to come back shiny and clean. This to be a gift of love to a son named Pip. In South Vietnam, medics are examining Pip Phillips, a wounded soldier. The medical officer says Pip’s case is hopeless and it is only a matter of time before he will die.

Wounded, he stumbles outside towards a closed amusement park and is surprised to see Pip at age 10. The two have some fun and redress Max’s near-constant absence from his son’s life, with Max teaching Pip how to shoot at a shooting gallery. Pip runs off into the house of mirrors, and Max follows. When Max finds him, Pip explains that he is dying and vanishes. Max prays to God and offers to trade his own life in exchange for Pip’s.

Some months later, the adult Pip is seen at the park, now walking with the aid of a cane. Max’s former landlady is also there with her granddaughter and recalls Max’s love for his son. Pip visits the shooting gallery, remembering the wonderful times he had as a child with his father. He proclaims that his father was ” best buddy” as he begins to play. And that you can find nobility and sacrifice and love wherever you may seek it out: down the block, in the heart or in the Twilight Zone.

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